Snap-in Denture Problems

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Common Problems with Snap in dentures

Snap in dentures solve many of the problems people have with regular dentures; however, that doesn’t mean that problems with snap-in dentures don’t exist as well. The most common problems with snap in dentures fall into three categories: implant problems, denture problems and connection problems. Keep reading to find out when these problems should worry you. Don’t miss our section on how to prevent problems with snap in dentures.

Some snap in denture problems are minor and some put your implants at risk. If your problem endangers your implants, you need to see an implant dentist ASAP.


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Maxillary 4 Implant dentures (overdenture, snap-in, snap-on denture)

A Snap in denture in good condition

snap in denture problems

A stained snap-in denture with worn out gaskets.

Implant Problems

Implant problems with snap in dentures include infection, periodontal disease, broken implant parts and loose screws. When you have problems with denture implants, you may literally have a few screws loose. (Sorry – bad pun…)

Symptoms of implant problems include loose implants. If your implant rotates, wiggles or moves, something is wrong. If you have an implant infection your symptoms may include looseness, pus, pressure around the implant and pain or discomfort.

Missing all teeth snap-in dentures

Healthy Snap-in Denture Implants

Infected snap in denture implant

A Dirty, Infected Implant

An Infected, Failing Implant

Additional symptoms of implant problems

These include seeing a change in your implant overdenture attachment. You may have lost or damaged the implant connection piece. And, finally, if you have trouble removing your implant overdenture, you may have a worn gasket (read more about this below) and the extra pulling can damage or even pull out your implants.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, schedule an appointment now to have your implants evaluated. Implant problems get very expensive, very fast. Getting help as soon as you notice the problem is critical!

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Denture Problems with snap in dentures

Denture problems with snap-in dentures include broken dentures, missing or lost denture teeth and denture sores.

If your implant overdenture is broken, see a dentist before continuing to wear it even if it still attaches to your implants. Snap in dentures are precisely calibrated to your implants and even a fraction of a millimeter of fit change can stress your implants. Furthermore, if you’ve lost or broken a denture tooth, having a dentist take a look to make sure there aren’t any cracks or signs of stress or an imbalanced bite is a good idea.

Denture sores are a sign that your gums aren’t happy. Either the denture needs adjusting or it needs to be cleaned.

If you’re having denture problems with your snap in denture, it’s a good idea to get it checked out soon. You don’t want to be surprised by implant problems down the road!ย 

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Stained Snap-in Denture

A Stained Snap-in Denture with Worn Off Teeth

Connection Problems

Connection problems with a snap in denture happen when the implant attachment and the denture housing stop connecting easily to each other. Most often, this is caused by a worn or missing silicone housing gasket in the denture.ย 

Unlike traditional dentures that sit on the gums, implant overdentures “snap on” to implants via silicone lined metal housings in the inside of the denture. When the silicone wears out the denture will either stop connecting or will get stuck. The silicone gaskets need to be replaced at least once a year to keep them in working order and prevent problems.

How can you know when your silicone housings need replacing? Look at them. If you see metal through them, they need to be replaced asap. If they look thinner with a strong indent of the implant in the silicone, they should be replaced soon.


failed snap-in denture gasket

Worn out gaskets KILL implants. Replace gaskets once a year!

Maxillary 4 Implant dentures (overdenture, snap-on denture)

A snap in denture with new silicone gaskets.

snap in denture with dirty gaskets

Old gaskets: See the imprint of the implant & built up bacteria and food.

snap in denture problems

Old gaskets: See how they thin over time and get almost see-through.

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Denture Maintenance Prevents Most Snap in Denture Problems

Our patients love our denture care plan because it helps prevent problems. Most problems with snap in dentures result from an imbalanced fit, infection or a worn gasket. We help our patients avoid these problems with proper at home denture care as well as a yearly denture maintenance visit.

At a yearly implant denture maintenance visit, we inspect your denture for wear and cracks and clean it professionally. We clean the implant housings and replace the silicone gaskets. After that, we check the denture fit in the mouth, evaluate implant stability and take xrays to check bone and implant health. Finally, we clean in and around the implants. Implants are like natural teeth and get infected if they aren’t regularly cleaned from built up bacteria and food. This maintenance is even more critical if you have chronic medical conditions such as diabetes that impact your long term oral health in dramatic ways.

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