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Are Bad Looking Dentures Ruining Your Day?

Bad looking dentures have teeth that sit crooked or off-center or are way too big… You name it, we’ve probably seen it. People come to us for help with some very bad looking dentures. Getting false teeth should be your chance for a new smile – one you love! If you’re struggling with a bad denture, please come see us. We make beautiful dentures that fit like they should. We’d love to give you the smile you deserve!

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Loose Dentures

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Dentures Gone Wrong or Just Needing Replacement?

Watch this video to learn the 5 signs you need a new denture.

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Proper Cleaning Is Critical Too!

Wondering if you clean your dentures the right way? Proper cleaning is particularly key to good oral health if you use denture adhesive. Check out our blog on cleaning tips and techniques including a step-by-step tutorial video.

Is it just a fit issue?

If you think your poorly fitting false teeth can be fixed, get more information here.


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Bad Looking Dentures from lack of expertise

Unfortunately, many people believe that a denture is a denture. They think the main difference between one dental office’s denture and the next is just the price. However, creating false teeth is one of the most complex treatment dentists do. Creating a beautiful, good-fitting denture requires expertise in dental materials, occlusal design, facial proportions, musculo-skeletal form and function AND cosmetic dentistry. Crafting lifelike false teeth that fit properly requires patience, good technique and technology.

Don’t be fooled – all dentures are NOT created equal. Cheap dentures look cheap and cheap dentures don’t fit well. You get what you pay for.ย 

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