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Are You Tired of Putting up with Missing Teeth?

Every day we meet new patients who are sick and tired of dealing with missing and broken teeth! In fact, the majority of our patients are middle-aged people who come to us for help with their missing and broken teeth. We hear repeatedly how tired they are of not being able to chew. They tell us about the pain and discomfort. Above all, we hear how they’re tired of being embarrassed by their teeth. Do you feel ready to transition to dentures? Check out our guide.

My Story Starts with My Mom

My passion for implant dentistry and helping patients with complex missing and broken teeth began with my own parents! As first-generation immigrants to America, they lived most of their lives with only basic emergency dental care. As a consequence, they lost many teeth early on. When I started dental school and realized dental implants could give my parents strong new teeth, I was determined to become the best implant dentist I could be. After completing additional implant training, my mom was one of the first patients to receive dental implant surgery in my office. (She’s giving me a hug after I completed her implant surgery.)

Dr. Bec - the dentist for missing and broken teeth in San Antonio, TX

Not only had Mom lost teeth, she’d suffered through traumatic dental visits.

For as long as I remember, my Mom and Dad have dreaded going to the dentist. My Mom shares the deep fear of so many other patients who suffered through traumatic dental visits in their past. However, with the help of sedation, patients like my Mom with dental fear, uneasiness, anxiety, and dental phobia can experience life-changing implant surgeries without the fear. They have a chance to get their health back while feeling relaxed, calm and comfortable!

If you dental help, I invite you to experience dentistry in a whole new way! You’ll never go back, I promise!

Dr. John Bec

One Missing Tooth

We’ve helped hundreds of patients with a single missing tooth. A tooth may fail because of an untreated cavity or because of previous dental work that fails. The patient in this picture lost a tooth because of an untreated cavity.

Missing front tooth

Several Missing Teeth

Often, patients have lost several teeth. Some already have partial dentures, as seen below. Others have a few good teeth and many broken ones which need to be removed and replaced with denture or implant teeth.

missing multiple teeth

All Missing Teeth

The patient in this picture had many broken teeth. After a healing denture, this patient can choose a Permanent Regular or Implant Denture. Read our guide on transitioning to dentures. Wondering how you’ll look in dentures? Read our blog.

missing all teeth

Why Are Missing Teeth a Problem?

We Need Healthy Teeth to Eat Healthy Food!

Having fewer teeth makes it hard to bite and chew. When we are missing teeth, we have to shift our food to chew where we have teeth. This not only stresses our remaining teeth, but it also makes it harder to eat chewy and crunchy foods.

What’s Your Favorite Food? Implants Can Chew It!

Many people who ask us for dental implants are tired of not being able to eat what they want. Everyone eventually gets sick of only being able to eat soft foods. Implant teeth have the strength to chew anything you’re craving.

Missing Teeth Means Missing Jaw Bone

Most people are happy to get a broken or infected tooth pulled. Of course, they naturally assume that solves the problem. To be sure, removing a bad tooth does remove the infection. However, it doesn’t restore function. Extractions only solve half the problem

Bone Loss Is the Dark Secret Behind Tooth Loss

Think about what teeth do. Are you picturing chewing and smiling? Of course, teeth do that, but one of their most important jobs is something invisible. Our teeth hang onto bone. When we lose teeth, we also lose bone. In fact, this bone loss progresses continually after we lose a tooth. Stoping bone loss requires replacing the missing tooth root with an implant.

We Age Faster When We've Lost our Teeth

We know that tooth loss leads to bone loss. However, few people realize how bone loss affects the face.

Jaw Bones Do More Than Just Hold Teeth

Healthy jaw bones form a thick, protective shield around the lower part of the face and head. In fact, these bones help protect the parts of our bodies that breath, swallow, see and think. When jaw bones get thin and fragile, it puts our throats, eyes and even our brain at risk.

Unhealthy Jaw Bones Cause “Face Sag”

Not only does bone loss weaken our faces, but it also eventually causes the lower face to collapse. In fact, bone loss transforms faces giving them the sunken-in “old person” appearance. As the face loses bone support, skin sags and wrinkles. Of course, this process doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it continually progresses from the moment a tooth is lost. Not surprisingly, the more teeth we lose, the worse the sag gets.

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Because we know people have questions, we’ve made this video to help. In fact, our video seminar takes an in depth look at missing teeth and dental implants. You’ll learn how dental implants are being used to replace missing teeth. In addition, we also show you the risks and benefits of each treatment option.

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