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Losing All Your Teeth Can Be Overwhelming

Whether you’ve already lost all your teeth or know that you’re about to, being at the point of having no teeth means you’ve been putting up with bad and broken teeth for a while.

If you’re like most people at this point, you are probably sick of dental problems, tired of struggling to chew and tired of trying to hide your teeth when you smile. We meet many people who are discouraged by their dental problems and overwhelmed by the potential cost and time needed to fix them.

Every one of the patients in the pictures below found a solution to their broken and missing teeth that they could afford.
There is hope for you and for your teeth!

Actual Patients

Solution #1:

All Missing Teeth replaced with a Traditional Denture

The Traditional Denture Advantage

Traditional Dentures have one major advantage over every other option for missing teeth and that is the low initial cost. If initial cost is the limiting factor as you make your decision, then traditional dentures are what you’re looking for.

Do you feel like it’s time to get your remaining teeth pulled and transition to dentures? Check out our guide to help you get the best dentures for your budget and to avoid denture nightmares!

Denture by Dr. Bec

The Traditional Denture Disadvantage

  • Gum Abuse: Dentures sit directly on the gums, and when you chew, your gums have to absorb all the force of chewing. The jaw is more powerful than most people realize and this pressure can be uncomfortable.
  • More Gag, Less Taste: Dentures cover a lot of the inside of the mouth. This can cause gagging and interfere with taste.
  • The Breath of Death: Dentures trap food. If they aren’t kept clean, they can cause remarkably bad breath.
  • Denture Rock and Roll: Denture stay in place thanks to suction and the face muscles. Unfortunately, when muscles move, so can the denture. This means that it will rock and roll during talking and eating.
  • Changing Fit: We all hate it when our favorite jeans don’t fit like they used to, but it’s even worse when our dentures don’t fit like they used to. As the jaw loses bone and changes shape over time, dentures stop fitting comfortably. Dentures need regular relines in addition to replacements every 5-10 years to continue matching the jaw bone.

Attention Denture Wearers:

If you have dentures and are experiencing difficulties or bone loss? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! If you already have Removable Dentures, what are you experiencing?

  • Is your denture loose or slipping?
  • Do you feel electric shock pain when biting?
  • Are you tired of goopy, bad tasting adhesives?
  • Are you embarrassed by clicking sounds while speaking and eating?
  • Is your speech affected?
  • Are you losing bone?
  • Do you look and feel older than you are?
  • Are dentures affecting your everyday pleasure of eating?

There are great options available for stabilizing dentures and minimizing or eliminating many of these problems.

Solution #2


Missing All teeth replaced with Implant Supported Dentures.

Implant Anchored Overdentures (Snap-on Dentures) solve a number of the issues that people experience with traditional Dentures. With the addition of 2-4 implant anchors, dentures don’t move or rock anymore. They are also much more comfortable since the implants absorb some of the pressure of chewing instead of the gums doing it all alone. People with overdentures can talk and eat comfortably. Upper Overdentures have the additional benefit of having No Palate coverage so you can taste your food again.

Overdenture by Dr. Bec

Same Denture – Whole New Feel!

Another major advantage of overdentures is that patients who already have dentures can often retro-fit their existing dentures with implant attachments and avoid the cost of making a new denture. This saves time and money and is one of the ways to enjoy the benefits of implants without losing the investment you’ve already made in your denture.

Removable = Great, Not Perfect

Implant dentures solve many denture problems for many people, but they aren’t perfect.

What’s the problem? Overdentures or Snap-on Dentures, are still removable. That means you still store your teeth in a cup overnight. For some patients, taking their teeth out each night makes them feel older than they are. An overdenture is a more functional, more comfortable, healthier denture, but it won’t feel exactly like natural teeth.

Overdentures: Less Loss, not Zero Loss

Implants are an amazing treatment because they stop bone loss almost like natural teeth do. However, just like natural teeth, implants only stop bone loss in the area around the implant. Being anchored to 2-4 implants, means that overdentures will stop bone loss in the jaw bone directly surrounding those implants, but not throughout the entire jaw. It’s a much healthier, stronger solution than no implants, but it not as complete as a solution that has more implants.

So If Overdentures Aren’t Perfect, What Is?

If you’re looking for “ideal”, you’re looking to replace each missing tooth with an individual implant. Individual implants are like getting back all your natural teeth, but better since they can’t get cavities! Plus the implants will stop bone loss completely and keep you looking young, oh-so-much-longer.

At this point, are you asking yourself, “So why don’t I hear of more people doing that?” Great question.
Most people don’t go for “ideal” because it doesn’t have an ideal price. A full mouth of individual implants is expensive and unaffordable for most people. It’s also a complex treatment that most dentists don’t have the training for. However, if ideal is what matters to you, or if you replace your teeth with implants one at a time as they go bad, then this is a marvelous, feasible solution that you’ll be very happy with.
If you’re looking for a more ideal price and are willing to compromise on absolutely idealized function, check out All-on-4 Option below.

Solution #3

All teeth replaced with Dental Implants (All-on-4)

Fixed and Financially Feasible

Most people we meet don’t want to have to take their teeth out every night. They want fixed teeth, not a removable denture. Most people are also looking for the advantages of the individual implant teeth without the cost. The “All-on-4” option is a great solution if you’re looking for new teeth that are fixed in place and less expensive than individual implants.

All-on-4 by Dr. Bec

What’s All-on-4?

All-on-4 refers to a full arch of beautiful, strong teeth that are mounted to minimum 4 implants in the jaw. Bone loss is minimized when additional implants are placed, most frequently 6 implants. This option stops bone loss immediately and is not susceptible to further tooth decay. All-on-4 is highly stable, secure and strong. Plus, All-on-4 is half the cost of replacing all your teeth with individual implants!

How do I pick the right implant dentist for my case?

This is where we’re supposed to shout “Pick Us! Pick Us!”
Dozens of dentists in San Antonio claim to be the best dentist for everyone, but we all know that’s not possible. No one is the best fit for everyone.

At our office, we strive to empower patients. We believe that you deserve the opportunity to understand your condition, your options and the impact that your treatment choices are going to have on your health. We insist on meeting the highest clinical standards and using the highest quality materials. These high standards mean that we’ll never be the cheapest office in town; however, our commitment to affordability means that we’ll never be the most expensive either.

If you value expertise, if you want to understand your options, if comfort and wellness are important to you, then we’re probably a good fit. Find a dentist whose priorities match yours!

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