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Are you suffering from headaches and facial pain?

Headaches and facial pain make life miserable! When pain is a “normal” part of life, it can feel like it’s sucking your life away. If you are suffering from headaches and pain, we want to give you hope. We know how hard it is and without a doubt, se also know that it CAN get better!

Headache Treatment in San Antonio, TX

Finding a Solution Requires a Dental Detective

Headaches and facial pain are complex problems. Therefore, fixing them is a lot like solving a mystery. Because of the challenge identifying what causes pain, many people arrive at our office tired of “trying” things. Furthermore, they come in discouraged from being told “it’s all in their heads.” If you’ve ever been told that, take hope.

For each patient with headaches or facial pain, finding a solution requires an in-depth investigation. In fact, we look not only at dental issues, but also at medical issues. We look especially at dental aspects like chewing habits and bite balance. Additionally, we also look at medical issues like sleep patterns, stress and diet. After all, not only dental issues play a role in activating pain and tension in the facial muscles.

Some headaches and facial pain can be eliminated quickly with custom bite splints. (Read more about Bite Splints as a solution for frequent headahces.) Others, in contrast, require more troubleshooting and investigation.

Gingivitis? Gum disease? What does it mean and why does it matter?

Helping people in pain is a personal mission

For me, helping people in pain became a personal mission because of my wife. If you’ve explored our About Us page, then you know my wife suffered from debilitating headaches for years. Coping with the pain drained her energy. In time, the intense headaches affected everything from her ability to cope with stress to our social life.

Hope after so much disappointment?

After hearing about her situation, a professor told me he thought he could help. He specialized in the study of teeth biting together (occlusion) and claimed he knew how to solve her headaches with occlusal therapy.

My wife didn’t think anything would ever help

We agreed to try his bite splint. However, my wife, who had already seen lots of doctors, had ZERO faith that it would work. After just 24 hours, can you imagine the relieved look on her face when the pain was gone? She said it felt like her face was thawing as her muscles relaxed and calmed down.


For us, the day the headaches stopped was a miracle.

red puffy bleeding gums

Life after Oral Splint Therapy Treatment for my wife’s Headache and Orofacial pain.

From Headaches to Well Being

Since that first headache free day, we’ve continued to learn more about different factors that contribute to headaches, muscle tension and inflammation. And, not surprisingly, my wife’s health has also continued to improve. These days, our mission extends way beyond simply getting rid of pain. We want to help others experience what wellness really feels like.

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