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Teeth Problems: What’s bothering you? Click on the pictures below to learn more about dental problems with teeth

Damaged Teeth

Teeth Are Strong BUT They Still Crack, Chip, Break & Lose Fillings. Why Does It Happen? What Can You Do?


Tooth Decay & Rotten Teeth: What do Cavities Look Like & How to Fix Them Click to Learn More

Crooked Teeth

Why Are Some People’s Teeth Crooked & Crowded? Are Malocclusion & Gaps a Problem? Click to Learn How Your Teeth Get Crooked & How to Fix It The RIGHT Way!

Loose Adult Teeth

Wiggly Adult Teeth: Invitation to the Tooth Fairy or Sign of Injury & Disease?

Worn Down Teeth

Why do teeth wear down? They get shorter & uneven. Normal or Problem?

Teeth Problems: Dental Problems that Ruin Our Pearly Whites!


Of all the dental problems, teeth problems can be the ugliest and the most painful. Teeth have a difficult life and get hurt by everything from accidents to infections. Our overall health impacts our teeth, but not only that. Our teeth get affected by our gums too and even how we handle stress. No wonder they sometimes crack under pressure – teeth have a hard job!


Getting teeth with problems back to beautiful is simple so long as we follow 3 VERY important steps. First of all, fixing them requires correctly identifying what’s actually wrong. Secondly, it requires knowing what the best solution for that problem is and how to apply it. And, finally, it requires knowing how to prevent it from happening again!


Use our symptom checker to help you figure out what your problem might be, what solutions might work and how you can prevent it from happening again.

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