Damaged Teeth

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Damaged Teeth:

Cracked Teeth: Hairline Cracks & Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Broken teeth start with cracks and fracture lines. Do you have a visibly cracked tooth? Have you had more than one cracked tooth recently?

Damaged Teeth:

Chipped & Broken Teeth

Not only do Chipped Teeth look bad, but the rough edges around broken teeth can hurt. Did you know that untreated chipped teeth lead to cavities, root canals and even tooth loss?

Damaged Teeth:

Broken Teeth: When the tooth is almost gone

Sometimes teeth break so severely that less than half of the tooth is left. It may or may not hurt, but tooth is just a small broken stump. How can you fix a tooth that’s nearly gone?

Damaged Teeth:

Lost Fillings & Broken Crowns

We all want fillings & crowns to last forever, but they usually don’t. Sometime what we think is a broken tooth is actually a missing filling or broken crowns. Don’t ever replace the old oneย  without finding out why it failed.

Broken Down Teeth: When Teeth Crack Up


Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, but that doesn’t mean it can’t break. Click on one of the pictures above to find out how teeth get damaged, how tooth enamel can be repaired and how to prevent having problems in the first place!


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