Badly Broken Tooth? Front Tooth or Molar Broke off at Gum Line?

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Why is a Broken Tooth, Molar broke off at gum line a problem?ย 

First of all, they let in bacteria. If a tooth or molar broke off at gum line, it leaves an ugly stump which becomes even uglier if the tooth broke in half black inside. However, the stump causes problem because of what it does, not how it looks.

broken tooth molar broke off at gum line tooth broke in half black insdie

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Of course, we can see the stump. Unfortunately, we cannot see the bacteria and food creeping in through that stump into the tooth like flies through an open door in summertime. Not surprisingly, this means that the stump creates the perfect scenario for a killer toothache and bone infection.

Secondly, they exposes the nerve. In addition to letting bacteria inside, a break in a tooth also exposes the sensitive inside part of the tooth around the nerve. This not only causes pain but it also makes it very hard to chew.ย 

Finally, breaks doom root canal teeth. When a root canal tooth breaks, it typically cannot be fixed again. Sadly, most root canal teeth that break must be extracted. If the tooth has never had a root canal, it may be possible to save the tooth.ย 


What To do If A Front Tooth or Molar Broke off at Gum Line?

If a tooth or molar broke off at the gum line, seek treatment immediately to prevent nerve and bone infections. In addition to the risks of infection, nerve and bone infections cause the killer pain we all dread.

If the tooth can be saved, the dentist will rebuild it, typically with a root canal and post. Sadly, a molar that broke off at the gum line or a tooth broke in half black inside has very little chance of being saved. Both a break at the gum line and a black inside both tell us that the tooth has probably rotted to its core. When thoroughly rotten tooth breaks, the dentist must typically remove the remaining tooth stump to prevent the infection from spreading.ย 

Broken tooth repair tooth broke in half black inside

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How much Does it cost to fix a broken tooth?

We do everything we can to give people options that fit their needs, wants and their budget; however, we cannot in good conscience offer you a solution that we know will waste time and money. We are committed to giving you all the options that will actually solve your problem and keep you healthy.

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