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Nov 19, 2022 | Digital Dentures

Denture and Partial Repair

Use our guide below to find your best options & to protect yourself from getting ripped off.

Figuring out what kind of dentures fit your needs and your budget is the key to finding where to get your dentures.

Not all dentures are created equally. In fact, there are five levels to choose from. Each type of denture is made differently and has different quality and materials. Figure our which kind you want you you’ll know where to get full dentures that work best for you.

Level 1 – The Cheapest Possible

Recently I saw an ad for cheap dentures from a national corporate dental chain. They advertised sets of false teeth “starting at $250 an arch.” That’s the cheapest price I have ever seen.

Periodically, I meet dentists who work in those clinics and they tell me about how they make these cheap dentures. To make a profit, they have to work as fast as possible with the cheapest materials. In fact, they work so fast that they skip steps. Those skipped steps combined with the sub-par materials are why the dentures don’t ever fit very well. They justify the poor quality saying that they’re giving people “affordable” dentures. Affordable garbage is still garbage. When you shop for a denture, remember that making a denture is a complex medical prosthetic treatment. When you go for the very cheapest price, you’re usually buying a problem not a product.

Denture and Partial Repair

Buyer Beware: These super cheap deals also rarely actually cost the advertised price.

The dentist usually ends up saying that you need some upgrades and it drives the price up. I hate this kind of advertising and I hate this kind of dentistry. No one has unlimited money and elderly patients are often on fixed incomes. They trust their dentist to give them a denture that works at a fair price. Don’t advertise cheap and then trick them into paying more than they should for a rushed, poor quality product.

Level 2 – Assembly Line Teeth

Assembly line full dentures come from volume-based dental offices. You can tell that the office is a denture assembly line because they are in-network with every type of insurance from Medicare to Dental HMO to PPO insurance plans. These offices make their profit by seeing as many patients as they possibly can in as short of time as possible. If you go to one of these clinics, you will get below average quality because the people working there don’t have time to pay attention to all the details. They also don’t can’t afford to use good quality materials.

These teeth will be better than $250 “full dentures.” You’ll get a denture. It won’t look lifelike but it should work. You’ll probably be frustrated with the uncomfortable fit and the lack of customer service. But you’ll also pay considerably less than at a private clinic. They typically charge between $400 and $1,500 an arch.

Denture and Partial Repair

Tip: Find out how much you’re actually paying!

A patient came to me last week wanting new dentures. She wanted to replace the ugly, uncomfortable ones she’d gotten at an assembly line clinic. She had paid thousands of dollars for her whole treatment and she thought her “affordable dentures” cost her about $1,000 an arch. When we looked at it, she had actually paid nearly $2,500 each for very poorly made healing dentures.

She got completely ripped off and paid way too much for dentures of that quality. The acrylic base was sloppy and uneven. Just because an office has cheap special offers or is in-network with your insurance, doesn’t mean you’ll actually get a good value for your money. Buyer beware!

Loose Dentures

Level 3 – Quality Traditional Dentures

These teeth get made the old fashioned way by old fashioned doctors in private clinics. Dentists who own and run their own clinic usually take time to care for each patient and they want to get them a good quality product.

This traditional method involves several impression and try-in appointments. Traditional doctors produce better quality affordable dentures because they don’t skip steps and they use better quality denture teeth and good, local dental labs. These teeth will look more beautiful and feel more comfortable. These dentists may or may not be in network with your insurance, but you will be well cared for and you’ll get a much better fitting denture. Full dentures at these offices often cost between $2,200 and $5,000 an arch.

Tip: If you choose a traditional office, it is important to make sure that the dentist does them frequently. Making a denture is a complex dental procedure and you’ll want an experienced dentist, not somebody who only does one every month or so.

Type 4 – Digital Dentures

Digital dentures are revolutionizing the world of dentures. Dentists who are serious about quality, fit and esthetics are switching from traditional to digital technology. Why? Because advanced digital technology produces lifelike dentures with a better fit, stronger materials and better reproducibility. Digital technology takes the guesswork out of making your denture. Your new teeth can be designed directly on a 3D digital model of your mouth. In fact, if you want them to match your natural remaining teeth, they can. And instead of taking days to create each new model to try in, it can happen in minutes.

Not only are they more accurate and more efficient, but replacement digital dentures can be made in as little as a day. What a contrast to the old fashioned way which has to start from square one every single time. Digital dentures run between $3,500 and $5,500 an arch depending on the dentist and city.

We are proud to be one of the few offices in Texas offering digital dentures to our patients. People who have been denture wearers for years are amazed at the difference in comfort and cosmetics. Wondering if it’s the right solution for you? Book your free consultation and find out!

Digital Technology in Pictures: New Teeth Start to Finish

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Level 5 – Specialist Dentures

Some people go to a prosthodontic specialists for their false teeth. Some prosthodontists use digital technology others still go the traditional way. A denture made by a prosthodontist is going to fit well and look good. It will also cost more because it’s made by a “specialist.” Prosthodontists charge between $6,000 and $10,000 an arch. If you have unique bone issues or have had oral cancer, the extra cost will probably be worth it to you.

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